For Immediate Release:


National Record Store Day at Joe’s Record Paradise-

Psychedelic blowout featuring the Fallen Angels and MC Barry Richards, the Heavy Head Leader

November 7, 2011- --Silver Spring, Maryland--   On Friday November 25 at 3PM Sixties Legends the  Fallen Angels, led by singer Jack Bryant, will rise again at Joe’s Record Paradise at 8216 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland in honor of National Record Store Day.  The Fallen Angels released two LP’s on the infamous Roulette Records label in the 60’s, the second of which “It’s A Long Way Down” has been re-discovered as a lost classic of the era. Opening band Looseleaf plays at 2PM


Barry Richards, the Reazar, the Heavy Head Leader – famous Washington DJ of WHMC, WINX, WUST, WEAM, WKYS, WEEL, WMOD and WDON will be on hand, celebrating the long-awaited DVD/CD release of his “Barry Richards TV Collection Volume I”, an incredible collection of his television shows from 1968-1973 featuring ultra-rare footage of Alice Cooper, The Bob Seger System, Humble Pie, Fats Domino with the Byrds, Little Richard, Muddy Waters and many more. The set also features bonus material including an unreleased Beatles interview and an unreleased Little Richard song! With titles such as “Turn-On,” “Groove-In,” and “The Barry Richards Rock Show,” Barry’s broadcasts spanned the psychedelic heyday of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. The footage exists nowhere else, and has not been seen since it was beamed over UHF airwaves 40 years ago.


Joe’s Record Paradise will be the first store in the country to stock this amazing collection, previously only available online through Barry’s website, Barry will be hangin’ and bangin’, hitting the mic  and autographing copies.


“The DVD and CD are loaded with great stuff.” Says store owner Joe Lee: “Vintage Muddy Waters, Fats Domino with the Byrds and audio from Dr. John’s first tour to name a few.  Watching Barry Richards in the 1970’s is very surreal. “


Joe’s Record Paradise is a Maryland institution- just two years shy of it’s 40th anniversary. Despite changing locations five times in the last few decades, the downturn of the music industry and the disappearance of record stores nationwide, the store has grown and thrived and even been passed down through generations, and is now run by Joe’s son, Robert   Johnson Lee.